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The step to apply Non-immigrant visa of United States for Indonesian

What you need to know about applying a non-immigrant visa to United States of America for Indonesian. (If you need information in Indonesian language, please ask me)

Step 0.
Preparation to have the glossy photo 5x5 cm with the softcopy.
(The softcopy is needed to be attached in the online application)

Step 1. Fill DS-160
Fill application in
Start an application.
Print the form (the photo of yourself is there)

Step 2. Get the virtual number to pay

Open and fill the form

choose payment with cash if you prefer to pay through CIMB Bank.

Print the virtual number form.

Step 3. Make a payment 
Keep the slip or receipt from the bank.

Step 4. Choose interview schedule
After you pay, the next day (24 hours) you can choose the interview schedule.

Go to this link again:

You can choose the visa to be delivered or to be picked up.
Choose the interview schedule, either 7 AM or 9 AM
Print the appointment form.

Step 5. Interview
What you need to bring:
Photo 5x5 cm glossy,
Appointment form,

Bring other support  documents like:
Reference letter from Bank or saving book account, 
Family card/ Certificate of marriage/ birth of certificate,
reference letter from office/ university,
Itinerary trip (at least you need to know where to go in States)

If you have 7 AM interview, please come around 06:30-07:30
For me, 06:30 is the best.

You need to queue, and they will ask you to put any electronic device to their safebox.
Your document will be checked and you need to queue. You can buy snacks (mineral water is free).
Queue for fingerprints.
Queue for interview.

Don't be nervous.
They will ask you questions, give the documents if they ask.
You will receive the letter that is showed if your visa is approved or not.
White letter is for the approved visa.

In the next 3 days, your visa is ready. 


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