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How to use ticket machine in Japan (Super Easy)

Bought entrance tickets in Himeji Castle. It's really easy and English language is available.

1. Choose how many tickets you will buy
2. Put the money in
3. Wait for tickets to come out
4. Your change will come out (if you have any change)
5. Done.

>>VIDEO<< click here

It's almost the same how you order food with machine. The difference is only you put the money first before you choose the menu. Sometimes the machine to order food could not accept too big amount like 10,000yen. However, if you don't have small amount money, they will help you to change into smaller amount.
1. Put the money in
2. Choose which menu you will buy
3. Wait for tickets to come out
4. Your change will come out (if you have any change)
5. Done.
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Australia Major Cities: Gold Coast (part 2)

Previously from Melbourne, I flew to Gold Coast in the morning and reached there in the afternoon because I got the non-direct flight (I booked it just 1 week before, you should book it earlier if you have planned everything). You will get complimentary drink and mini snack. They also sell snacks if you still want more.
Touched down Gold Coast Airport~ I had been waiting for the baggage~ Waiting~ waiting~ and waiting~ but 1 of them had kidnapped never come. I needed to queue for baggage claim (I took Virgin Airlines). Just told the staff that my baggage was maybe left out somewhere. She said hold on and there was another staff bringing a lot of luggages. She checked and mine was there. She told me that my luggage couldn't miss the flight so it had reached earlier with different flight. Hahahaha. She knew how to joke. Thank you!

Got everything~ I took brochures and flyers about Gold Coast. The next thing was I chose Uber to go to my hotel. I suggest if you travel more than 3 peopl…

Australia Major Cities: Melbourne (Part 1)

I'm back back back after a long time, quite busy with my schedule and "traveling" (HAHA!) I have been traveling to several cities, but I've never had a chance to share it here. Then my best friend asked me about how my trip was and she asked me to tell the whole story. Suddenly, I realized why not I return back to blog and share it.
My trip this time was in PEAK season in my country. It's called "Hari Raya" holiday and everything related to travel overseas could be categorized as expensive or above the normal rate.
I won't share you about budget but would share you about the journey~ the trip~ the itinerary~ the situation~ My laziness~ Around the city, even though I had limited time~
What you need to prepare (as Indonesian), before you go to Kangaroo/cute Koala/too many Garden country, Australia. First, of course you need a visa!Don't forget to make a tourist visa before you travel or buy the ticket. The process won't take long, just like thousand…

Apply Canada Tourist Visa via Online Application | Membuat Visa Turis Kanada Secara Online tanpa Agen (English Indonesian)

Hello guys,

As I found not much information about applying online tourist visa to Canada (many people submit through VFS agent), I decided to share couple information that maybe can help you guys to apply visa by yourself.

As we know the step is really clear and what you need is to follow the step:
1. Find your eligibility in

2. Make a GC-key account in

3. To apply online by yourself, you need a scanner or a camera with good quality. Upload the documents that are written there.

4. Fill the documents IMM5257 and IMM5707, 
a. after you have finished filling those files, click validate button.
b. You will see a barcode (only IMM5257) on the last page of your pdf. If you use Macbook and the barcode is not shown after you validate, uninstall your adobe, and install adobe reader 9 version. I had problem with the new adobe DC, so I changed adobe reader version into old one, and it worked!
c. Save the …

Princess Island | Pulau Putri | Thousand Island | Indonesia

It's been awhile since I updated my blog.
Therefore, I want to update something related traveling in Indonesia <3. Yayy.. I'm excited to share one of my stories. Not long stories but it's like a summary to share what's there.>> Pulau Putri Short Video << click here
I had couple days for holiday. I went to thousand island for a short trip 3 days 2 nights. Two years ago I had visited Harapan Island / Pulau Harapan in Thousand island. Pulau Harapan or Harapan Island is not a resort, it's more like an island for local people to live. We call it here "pulau penduduk". It's different with resort.
I want to try something different in this sudden trip. Therefore, we decided to go to Pulau Putri/ Princess Island in thousand island. I took a package for 3 days 2 nights with one of travel Agent.
We started to go there from marina ancol pier. It is more convinient because you can be there around 7:30 and board by speedboat around 8AM. If you take ferry …

K-Cosplay Competition in Indonesia

Hi guys!
This is an interesting information that I got by e-mail and I would like to share with you all. It's about Korea cosplay!!! That's why it is interesting, because usually we will only know about Japan cosplay... Actually I wanted to join, but I don't know how to become cosplayer (bad starter). Maybe someone is willing to help me(?) lol
Anyway, I translated some information related this K-cosplay competition. 

Join the K-Cosplay Competition in Indonesia!! Korean Cultural Center Indonesia (KCC) in collaboration with Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) held a K-Cosplay Competition.
Finalist will have fashion show in Popcon Asia 2016, Main Stage, Friday, 12 August 2016. The competition is open for public in a group with at least 2 until 5 people per group.
Costume theme that can be chosen: Point Blank, The Scholar Who Walks the Night, Princess Hours, Orange Marmalade, Descendants of the Sun, The Swordsman, Let's Get Rich

for more information:…