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Tips to Save Battery When Using BBM for Android in Samsung

Hello guys,
Well.. First I want to share about my experience to use a Samsung Galaxy Note 2. At first, the battery was OK with all applications and games before I installed the BBM for Android. Usually I will just charge 1- 2x a day depends on the usage for the apps and games.
After the BBM for Android launched, I installed it and my battery was drained 200% faster than usual. Plus when I charge it, it will just drain and drain.
I thought that the problem is about the battery or the phone charger. After I looked for the condition, the cause is from the application "BBM for Android"

Therefore, I want to give you tips to save your battery that I already tried and it works till can follow my instructions if you want, no force... ;) 
1. Hide the updates from all your contacts. (The updates from your friends will absorb a lot of battery because it will keep updating and of course, it will absorb your kuota for internet plan)
   click the icon that has 3 stripes > go into th…

Korean Culture Fair in Jakarta


I got the information when I read the newspaper, I found that there is a korean culture fair in Lotte Shopping Avenue, Jakarta which is already starting from October 11th, 2013 until November 5th, 2013.

There will be a lot of activities such as: dance competition, fan base games, movie festival, korean food cooking competition, cover dance, talk show and many more.

Therefore, why don't you find out by yourself? ;)

Address: JL. Prof. DR Satrio Kav 3 -5, Karet Kuningan Jakarta 12940