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Things I Wanna Do in Korea

Name: Faramitha (a.k.a Zhang Xiao Fen) Country Origin: Indonesia
So here I go to join the "Asian On Air Program".
Let me make the list for the 3 main things that I wanna do in Korea;
- I wanna take a lot of pictures of Korea daytime and night time. After that, I will post my experience in my blog, and let the people know about Korea in every details that I can explore. 

- I want to eat Korean Chicken Ginseng Soup again. It is really a unique food, because when you see inside the chicken, there are the rice and ginseng. They make it neatly till you will figure it out when you start to eat.

- I want to ride the T-express again in Everland. The coaster that made from wood. It's kinda scary for me, but I wanna try to ride it again. Plus, experiencing the Halloween in Everland, it was really beautiful.

Other than that,
- Experiencing the culture in Korea; ondol style, hanbok, making Korean food, learning Korean language, etc
That's the main things that I wanna do in Korea.

Cheers, X…

K-Food Festival 2012 at UPH

So here today in September 17th, 2012 - There is a K-food Festival 2012 at Universitas Pelita Harapan/ UPH ( Pelita Harapan University). Together with the "MAKAN BESAR" crew show and the hospitality students from UPH, they made a GIANT BIBIMBAP.
You can check the show later in September 30th, 2012 in TRANS7 (Indonesia's channel) around morning time 8-10 a.m (I forgot the exact time).

So, here is the summary about the "MAKAN BESAR" show. - First, well its the refreshment. They taught the "gangnam style" dance. - Second, prepared for ingredients for big portion - Third, mixed all rice and ingredients to become giant bibimbap. - Fourth, enjoy the food and side food ( TTEOK MAE CHI GI)
Thanks for the K-food festival 2012 at UPH.

Asian On Air Program

What is Asian On Air Program?
I got this information from Korea Tourism Organization (Indonesia) in twitter about that in co-operation with Korea Tourism Organization ThailandKorea Tourism Organization (Singapore)Korea Tourism Organization (Indonesia)Korea Plaza KL all subsidiaries of our partner Korea Tourism Organization, they  are launching an event on our page now, "Asian on Air Program"
How to join, it's simple, tell us the things that you want to see, do or hear in Korea (pick only one theme) or you can submit your video to their website. Submit it around September 10th -  September 23rd, 2012. They will announce the winners on September 28th, 2012. And you get chosen, be ready to confirm in maximum 2 days that you can go to Korea in October 2012 :)
For more information, you can go to ibuzzkorea , Asian On Air Program
What's the prizes? If you are chosen to be one of the winner from 20 people (10 winners from video contests and 10 from photo & blog …