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Venue: MEIS, ANCOL - Jakarta - Indonesia Date: 12 - 13 October 2012 (I went on October 13th, 2012)
Here is some of the preview pics,

Overall, I'm so happy to attend BIGBANG ALIVE TOUR in Jakarta. I thank to YG Entertainment and BigDaddy Indonesia (the promotor) to let BIGBANG has the concert in here. :))
Outside of the building, they had many booths that sold about the merchandise, fanchant booth (Bigbang_indo) that gave freely for the blue lightstick for the BLUE mission and the hand banner that said "Always be with Bigbang", Samsung Preview (you can write your messages to Bigbang), the booth stand to take a picture, food bazaar and many more.
Inside the building, there were so many people. FULL. CROWDED. The concert even pretty amazing with the lightings and good quality of sound systems.
Additional, when they sang "BLUE" , well... the VIPs in Indonesia turned the blue lightsticks together and turned it into the blue ocean while Bigbang sang "BLUE". AMAZI…

Korea Indonesia Week 2012

So here about the mini report about the Korea Indonesia Week 2012 that was held at Taman Anggrek Mall. This event was starting from October 3rd - October 7th, 2012. You can found the activities that is really interesting. 
For example: 1. Wearing hanbok (traditional clothes from Korea) and after that u would get a free photo that already printed out. Not only that, but you could get the voucher 20% discount to buy things at Artbox. FOR FREE!! 2. You could have the face painting or hand painting. FOR FREE~ 3. You could see the show from K-food, taekwondo performances, competitions and other Korean culture performances. After the show, the MC would give the GIFTS for people that could answer his questions. 4. You could watch the Korean Film FOR FREE~ 5. You could find the promotion of tour and travel agency to go to Korea.
So that's all about the mini report of Korea Indonesia Week 2012. Overall, the show was very success because the people who participated or came to this event was A LOT.…