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Seoul Course of Hallyu Tour (Drama and Movie)

Hello again.

Here is the second mission from Seoul Metropolitan Government about Seoul Course of Hallyu Tour. As one of the Global Seoul-Mates, my theme choice is Drama and Movie.

Here is my short explanation about the Hallyu Tour that I arrange.
My Hallyu Tour is based on the culture of South Korea, which means I arrange that you will feel the traditional things in Korea that relevant with the Drama/ Movie.

Day 1:
1. **Arrival at Incheon International Airport**

2. Experience 1: Transfer to Buam-Dong which is the location of shooting Drama "1st Shop of Coffee Prince".

3. Lunch time: Korea House (Dae Jang Geum - Jewel in The Palace). You will taste the dishes same as in the Daejanggeum Drama. On the other side, you will have the oppurtunity to try the court outfits for ladies and gentlemen.

4. Experience 2: Walk around Bukchon Hanok Village - you can feel the traditional house in Seoul. Many dramas used this setting location film, for example: Heartstrings, Personal Taste. Usually th…