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My Simple Seoul Style

Hi again,
So here it's the last mission in this year for Global Seoul Mates. It's about to express myself in Seoul Style. So I took 2 pictures for it. All my Seoul style is just casual. I used the shirt that has the Korea symbol, short pants, and the keychain for my bag. People can recognized me from far far away, that I love Korea just by seeing the shirt. XD

The second picture is the same, I like to use the simple K-style clothes but stylish enough, so I took this picture. :)

This is my Korean style that I really love. :)
Cheers, xiaofen89

My Original Song

Finally I found the application to upload my original songs that allow people to download it ^^

If you have time, you can listen my original songs and give me a comment:

Click here to listen my original songs

Thank you for your time, I will update more about my original songs after I'm done with my recording  :D Hope soon I can make the simple videos for my songs :)