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New Charm in South Korea

The beauty of Nami Island, Jeju Island or Mount Seorak has become a powerful magnet to attract tourists to South Korea. However, South Korea actually still has a lot of natural potential that will make us amazed. Now, the country that is famous with K-Pop introduces Jeollanam-do province. This province has another name given which is "Green Heritage" because its ecological heritage. There are some major tourist destination in Jeollanam-do, which are:
1. Yeosu Yeosu is the part of "Most Beautiful Bays in the World Organization". This city is increasingly more attractive because the beaches has the black sand from the volcanic eruption. In 2012, Yeosu became the host for "World Expo 2012"that opened the chance for people all over the world to display the unique things from their countries and together found the way of living in harmony. Yeosu is also known as the marine products processing.

2. Damyang Damyang is the bamboo city. You can see the bamboo garden th…