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Scholarship for Indonesian to study Korean Language at Geumgang University

I found an interesting opportunity for Indonesian who wants to study Korean language in South Korea. Well, actually not only for Indonesian, it can be for any people around the world. In this case, I want to share about the additional benefit for Indonesian that can apply for the scholarship.
For people around the world, you can visit ---> Geumgang University Website

You can see further information about the scholarship (for Indonesian) at  KCC Indonesia(in Indonesian language)
Or here is the short explanation in English.
Program Period : 01 March 2013 – 14 June 2013 (15 weeks). Field of study : Korean Language and Culture Place : Universitas Geumgang, Korea Selatan. Sanweollo 522, Sangweol-myon, Nonsan si, Chungnam Korea. Scholarship included : only for Tuition fee + Dormitory

Requirements to apply the scholarship: 1. Indonesia citizen 2. Was born before 1991 3. Minimum graduated in Diploma 4. Able to speak fluently and writing in English 5. Like and able to share about Korean culture to pu…

My Simple Seoul Style

Hi again,
So here it's the last mission in this year for Global Seoul Mates. It's about to express myself in Seoul Style. So I took 2 pictures for it. All my Seoul style is just casual. I used the shirt that has the Korea symbol, short pants, and the keychain for my bag. People can recognized me from far far away, that I love Korea just by seeing the shirt. XD

The second picture is the same, I like to use the simple K-style clothes but stylish enough, so I took this picture. :)

This is my Korean style that I really love. :)
Cheers, xiaofen89

My Original Song

Finally I found the application to upload my original songs that allow people to download it ^^

If you have time, you can listen my original songs and give me a comment:

Click here to listen my original songs

Thank you for your time, I will update more about my original songs after I'm done with my recording  :D Hope soon I can make the simple videos for my songs :)



Venue: MEIS, ANCOL - Jakarta - Indonesia Date: 12 - 13 October 2012 (I went on October 13th, 2012)
Here is some of the preview pics,

Overall, I'm so happy to attend BIGBANG ALIVE TOUR in Jakarta. I thank to YG Entertainment and BigDaddy Indonesia (the promotor) to let BIGBANG has the concert in here. :))
Outside of the building, they had many booths that sold about the merchandise, fanchant booth (Bigbang_indo) that gave freely for the blue lightstick for the BLUE mission and the hand banner that said "Always be with Bigbang", Samsung Preview (you can write your messages to Bigbang), the booth stand to take a picture, food bazaar and many more.
Inside the building, there were so many people. FULL. CROWDED. The concert even pretty amazing with the lightings and good quality of sound systems.
Additional, when they sang "BLUE" , well... the VIPs in Indonesia turned the blue lightsticks together and turned it into the blue ocean while Bigbang sang "BLUE". AMAZI…

Korea Indonesia Week 2012

So here about the mini report about the Korea Indonesia Week 2012 that was held at Taman Anggrek Mall. This event was starting from October 3rd - October 7th, 2012. You can found the activities that is really interesting. 
For example: 1. Wearing hanbok (traditional clothes from Korea) and after that u would get a free photo that already printed out. Not only that, but you could get the voucher 20% discount to buy things at Artbox. FOR FREE!! 2. You could have the face painting or hand painting. FOR FREE~ 3. You could see the show from K-food, taekwondo performances, competitions and other Korean culture performances. After the show, the MC would give the GIFTS for people that could answer his questions. 4. You could watch the Korean Film FOR FREE~ 5. You could find the promotion of tour and travel agency to go to Korea.
So that's all about the mini report of Korea Indonesia Week 2012. Overall, the show was very success because the people who participated or came to this event was A LOT.…

Things I Wanna Do in Korea

Name: Faramitha (a.k.a Zhang Xiao Fen) Country Origin: Indonesia
So here I go to join the "Asian On Air Program".
Let me make the list for the 3 main things that I wanna do in Korea;
- I wanna take a lot of pictures of Korea daytime and night time. After that, I will post my experience in my blog, and let the people know about Korea in every details that I can explore. 

- I want to eat Korean Chicken Ginseng Soup again. It is really a unique food, because when you see inside the chicken, there are the rice and ginseng. They make it neatly till you will figure it out when you start to eat.

- I want to ride the T-express again in Everland. The coaster that made from wood. It's kinda scary for me, but I wanna try to ride it again. Plus, experiencing the Halloween in Everland, it was really beautiful.

Other than that,
- Experiencing the culture in Korea; ondol style, hanbok, making Korean food, learning Korean language, etc
That's the main things that I wanna do in Korea.

Cheers, X…

K-Food Festival 2012 at UPH

So here today in September 17th, 2012 - There is a K-food Festival 2012 at Universitas Pelita Harapan/ UPH ( Pelita Harapan University). Together with the "MAKAN BESAR" crew show and the hospitality students from UPH, they made a GIANT BIBIMBAP.
You can check the show later in September 30th, 2012 in TRANS7 (Indonesia's channel) around morning time 8-10 a.m (I forgot the exact time).

So, here is the summary about the "MAKAN BESAR" show. - First, well its the refreshment. They taught the "gangnam style" dance. - Second, prepared for ingredients for big portion - Third, mixed all rice and ingredients to become giant bibimbap. - Fourth, enjoy the food and side food ( TTEOK MAE CHI GI)
Thanks for the K-food festival 2012 at UPH.

Asian On Air Program

What is Asian On Air Program?
I got this information from Korea Tourism Organization (Indonesia) in twitter about that in co-operation with Korea Tourism Organization ThailandKorea Tourism Organization (Singapore)Korea Tourism Organization (Indonesia)Korea Plaza KL all subsidiaries of our partner Korea Tourism Organization, they  are launching an event on our page now, "Asian on Air Program"
How to join, it's simple, tell us the things that you want to see, do or hear in Korea (pick only one theme) or you can submit your video to their website. Submit it around September 10th -  September 23rd, 2012. They will announce the winners on September 28th, 2012. And you get chosen, be ready to confirm in maximum 2 days that you can go to Korea in October 2012 :)
For more information, you can go to ibuzzkorea , Asian On Air Program
What's the prizes? If you are chosen to be one of the winner from 20 people (10 winners from video contests and 10 from photo & blog …

Be the part of us - Second Mission - Take a photo with the Mayor

So here is the second mission from Global Seoul-Mate. It's about to edit the picture with the major. :D I choose this picture to welcome people to see Hanok or traditional Korean style-house. One of the strong cultures in Korea is about the traditional building or places. When you visit this place, it will give you the feel of friendly Korea and about the nice views.


The SM GLOBAL PACKAGE is only designed for Overseas Country fans except Korean. Please make sure that SM GLOBAL PACKAGE does not apply to Korean.

S.M.ENTERTAINMENT will be holding ‘S.M.ART EXHIBITION (에스.엠.아트 엑시비션), a contents IT exhibition. 
‘S.M.ART EXHIBITION’, which will be held at COEX in Samseong-dong, Seoul from August 10th to 19th, is a combination of SM’s premium contents and the most advanced digital technology. S.M.ENTERTAINMENT and global businesses have collaborated together to present the world’s first interactive entertainment exhibition and works by the world-renowned artists, Korean famous artists and young art students and artists will also be exhibited. 
The world-renowned figure artist ‘Michael Lau’ will take part in the ‘S.M.ART EXHIBITION’ by presenting his works with TVXQ! and SHINee motifs. 
Also, ‘S.M.ART EXHIBITION Creative Art Contest’ will be held from July 6th to August 3rd in two sections, ‘Painting & Sculpture’ and ‘Digital Art’, and it…

Koreaholic Fest in Indonesia

New information for people in Indonesia who like anything about Korea. There is the event named "Koreaholic Fest" which is presented by Corporate Advertising Kompas Gramedia.
Koreaholic Fest is a festival which is specially organized for young people and communities in Indonesia who have an interest in Korean culture, both traditional and trend of pop culture. Various elements of Korea will be presented in Koreaholic Fest, ranging from Korean cuisine, traditional arts, film, fashion and music. As a container of self-expression and show off, 4 competitions held K-Pop Cover Dance Competition, Best Fandom Competition, Korean Star Look A Like Contest, and Photo Hunting Competition. 
Date: July 15, 2012 at Tribeca Park - Central Park (Jakarta, Indonesia). Entrance Fee is 30,000 IDR which means around 3-4 USD.
What's inside the festival? K-Fashion & Culture District, K-Food District, Entertainment District (Watch K-Movie for free).

Thanks to Seoul Metropolitan Government

So, I got my package from Seoul Metropolitan Government in last June 27th, 2012. :D
I'm so happy to get this package because I got chosen to be one of the Global Seoul-Mates.
Inside the package it is 1 box that consist of 4 cool magnetics and 1 diary.

The magnetics (left to right):
1. Hi Seoul - Soul of Asia
2. The N Seoul Tower
3. Geunjeongjeon
4. Haechi - the symbol of Seoul

I will write the short explanation about the 4 magnetics later. :D
So, this is what I made.

- Xiaofen -
twitter: @xiaofen89

Seoul is "fun"tastic

Seoul is 'Fun'tastic (Fun and Fantastic). One of many places that is "fun and fantastic" place for me is Lotte World in Seoul. Because it is a complex life town with a department store, luxurious hotel and the largest indoortheme park. It is a city within a city where people can enjoy tourism, leisure activities, shopping, cultural events and sports all in one place.

Why do Korean said "fighting"?

We commonly hear about Korean people say "fighting" or "hwaiting" (화이팅).
Actually, what's the meaning of "hwaiting"?

"Fighting" or "hwaiting" means "cheer up" or "do your best".

"Fighting" or "hwaiting" originated from boxing matches. Around 1960s - 1970s where the match boxing was famous. Referee would say "fight fight" in boxing matches in order to encourage to be better.

Information from: When I watched Arirang TV channel.

Video Contest - I Love Korea because...

Hi bloggers,

I'm here to post about the video that I apply for the Video contest that made from The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of The Republic of Korea.

so here is the link

Please kindly to share, and thank you for watching ^^

Free Delivery of Welcome Postcards service - SEOUL


The Seoul Metropolitan Government is conducting a variety of publicity campaigns designed to lure foreign visitors to Seoul in the final year of the 2010-2012 Visit Korea Year.
Available from ten places, the Free Delivery of Welcome Postcards service is extremely popular.

As a typical Visit Korea Year event, the Free Delivery of Welcome Postcards service will remain available until the end of the year. The service enables foreign visitors to send postcards overseas free of charge.

This year the welcome postcards are being distributed in ten places, including the Seoul Global Culture and Tourism Center in Myeong-dong, Sarangchae at Cheongwadae, and Tourist Information Centers in various locations across the city. A special booth is scheduled for installation in Myeong-dong during the 2012 Seoul Summer Sale (June 29 ~ July 29) to provide the free postcard service.

Foreign tourists can choose one of seven picture postcards, write a messages and put the postcard …

Seoul Zoo - Taman Safari Indonesia

SEOUL ZOO - SOUTH KOREA Pass Namtaeryeong, the first gateway to Seoul from the south, and you will be greeted by Seoul Grand Park, a landmark recreational site with people and nature in perfect harmony. Seoul Grand Park is internationally renowned for its scenic beauty and natural environment consisting of the Education, Natural Culture, and Amusement areas.
During the period of the Great Han Empire, Japan turned time-honored Changgyeonggung, one of the royal palaces in Seoul, into a zoo, in 1909, in an attempt to undermine Korea’s national sovereignty. As part of its effort to restore national pride and preserve its cultural assets, the Korean government created Seoul Grand Park, which opened on May 1, 1984, and transferred the animals in Changgyeonggung to the park for the restoration of the palace. Today, Seoul Grand Park is one of the world’s top 10 zoos in size and scale.


Taman Safari Indonesia (TSI) is an ex-situ conservation site which was inaugur…

Kang Min Hyuk - CN Blue

Little Pictures from him. :)