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Korea Festival 2013 in Jakarta

Here we go again... KOREA FESTIVAL 2013... :D

Don't miss this chance to see "Jinjo Crew B-Boy" , cover dance contest, special performance by S4 and SOS...
WHEN ---> April 19th - April 21st, 2013
19 April
Skin Care & Make Up Demonstration (13:00~14:00/19:30~20:30)
K-pop Dance School (Jinjo Crew B-Boy) (15:30 ~ 16:30)
K-Pop Cover Dance Contest 2013 - Semi-Final 1 (17:30 ~ 19:30)

20 April
Skin Care & Make-up Demonstration (13:00~14:00/19:30~20:30)
Samul-Nori "Hanbapae" (14:00 ~ 14:30)
K-pop Dance School (Jinjo Crew B-Boy) (14:30 ~ 15:30)
K-Pop Cover Dance Contest 2013 - Semi-Final 2 (16:00 ~ 18:00)
"SOS" Special Performance (17:40 ~ 17:55)

21 April
Skin Care & Make-up Demonstration (11:30~12:30/20:00~21:00)
K-pop Dance School (Jinjo Crew B-Boy) (13:30 ~ 14:00)
"Little Psy" Special Performance (14:00 ~ 15:00)
"SOS" Special Performance (15:40 ~ 16:00)
K-Pop Cover Dance Contest 201…

Korean Speech Contest 2013 for Indonesian

INFORMATION for Indonesian people who wants to participate in Speech Contest.

TOPICS (Please select one) 1. 나의꿈 2. 내가본한국, 한국인
CRITERIAS 1. Indonesian citizen, maximum of age 30 years old 2. Those who have Korean parents or guardian are not allowed to join 3. The 2012 Korean speech contest finalists are not allowed to join
REQUIREMENTS 1.Application form (download on 2.Copy of ID Card/Passport 3.Speech draft for duration max. 6 mins (MS Word format) 4.Self introduction video, upload on max duration 7 mins 5.All of the requirements can be sent through email : 6. Deadline of submission : May 31st, 2013 at 5 pm.

Korean Essay Contest for Indonesian

For all Indonesian who is interested to join the Korean Essay  Contest.
Too bad that I just know the basic of Korean. T^T Good luck for anyone who wants to participate~~

Topic : will be announced at the venue
Date : Saturday, June 8th 2013
Time : 13.00 - 16.00
Venue : Multifunction Hall, Korean Cultural Center Equity Tower 17th Floor, SCBD, Jakarta
Participants : Indonesian citizen with any profession, age, educational background
Prizes : The 1st winner USD 400 + Airline ticket to Korea The 2nd winner USD 300 The 3rd winner USD 200
The Winners will be announced at Korean Speech Contest 2013 on June 27th 2013 at University of Indonesia
Application form download on and send by email :

Global Seoul Mate 2013

Hello Fellas,
I'm happy to know that I got accepted to be one of the Global Seoul Mates in 2013. Also for the result that I achieved in 2012. I got the "Global Seoul-Mate Grade-1" :]

Beside that, I got my second certificate from Seoul Metropolitan Government. Well, this is the upgrade one.

I thank to Seoul Metropolitan Government to give the second opportunity again as a Global Seoul-Mate.

Seoul my soul gift

I posted this, right after I got my gift from Seoul Metropolitan Government...
This is the appreciation for Global Seoul Mate in exemplary list 2012.
What I got is the blue training jacket (new balance brand)...which has the "Seoul my Soul" words.

Thank you so much Seoul Government Metropolitan. :)