Hongkong Macau Trip in May 2013 - Short Itinerary

Hello Guys,

I won't give any long story, but I will give you my own itinerary to Hongkong and Macau about 4 days 3 nights. If you want any further information about the itinerary , you can ask me. ^^

Day 1 (Kowloon)

- Early flight from Singapore to Hong Kong.
(For anyone of you if you go from Jakarta to Hongkong, then you will have several hours for transit time. If you buy tigerconnect, you are able to do the early check-in at transfer lounge E.)

- By the time I reached to Hongkong, I bought an Octopus Card (same function as Ez-link, and you can buy souvenir/ pay bills for food in some restaurants using Octopus Card) at airport. Then, I went to the hostel nearby Nathan Road by taking A21 bus. Actually if you want a cheaper accomodation, you can search it around Mongkok area, but you will have to spend more budget on your transportation. I chose City Econo Guest House, because you don't have to book it before, like I did (unless for the high season period).

- After check-in, I got ready to eat my lunch nearby hostel. (Beef with noodles and vegetables). After that, I went to Avenue of Stars which is made to pay tribute to outstanding professionals of Hong Kong's film industry, to promote tourism industry, and to consolidate Hong Kong's position as Asia's World City. 

Avenue of Stars

- Next, after took tons of pictures, I went straight to Mongkok or Ladies' Night Market where you can find cheap souvenirs or shirts, bags, etc. They will let you bargain the price for the souvenirs. 

- After bought some souvenirs, I went back to hostel. Took a rest. Continued to walk again to the Kowloon Park, Clock tower and to get the picture of "Giant Rubber Duck" nearby Ocean Ferry Terminal. It was super crowded by people (x____x). It was difficult to find the spot to have vision of Rubber Duck without other people, but I did it. (^o^)v --- FYI: ( Giant Rubber Duck will be in Hongkong till June 9th, 2013)

- End of the first day. it was over 12.00 am Zzzzz....

Day 2 (Lantau Island, Hongkong Island)

- I went to the Golden Crown Guest House, to buy the entrance ticket to Ocean Park, Madame Tussaud + Peak Tram + Sky Terrace 468, Macau Ferry. You can get cheaper tickets if you buy from the listed guest houses.

- Next, it was still 10.00 am, I went to Ngong Ping 360 (Lantau Island) where you can see the Giant Buddha. I went there by taking Bus 23. By the time I reached there, took pictures, I was going up of 268 step-ladders to see the Giant Buddha. Then visited the Wisdom Path, Ngong Ping village (to buy drink and souvenirs), going back using the crystal cabin cable car (I paid 149 HKD).

Giant Buddha at Ngong Ping

- Next visit was  Hongkong Disneyland just to take some pictures in front of the gate and inside the MTR. :p (no time because I rushed to visit the Ocean Park, also I went there once before). 

- After that, I continued my "rush trip" to the Ocean Park (took MTR till Admiralty, continue with Bus 629). Took pics (as usual), ate snacks, saw the sleeping PANDA!!! (too bad). Then tried the coaster.
FYI: To play the rides for adults, you need to go up by using cable car (it's free). 

- Then rushed rushed again to the Peak. I took  Peak Tram, reached at Madame Tussaud at 9 pm, continued to  Sky Terrace 468 (couldn't see clearly due to the fog).

- Finally went back to hostel with sore legs (-____-") zzzzz

Day 3 (Macau)

- Finally I ate instant noodles cup from 7/11, then I ate steamed bread (very fluffy).
- Because I overslept (TT___TT) , I went to Macau via Sheung wan (Hongkong) at 10.30 am (I suggest to wake up earlier)
 it took 1 hour from Hongkong to Macau. reached at Taipa Ferry Terminal. Took free tourist map that is provided at Tourist Information Centre.

- Went to  Venetian by taking free shuttle bus (hehehe). Bought souvenirs there, took pictures with the nice background. Inside Venetian, we will see the sky setting and others looks like inside Marina Bay Sands.

- Then went back by using free shuttle bus again to Macau Ferry Terminal. Walking from terminal to Macau Fisherman's Wharf (many spots to take the pics) ... Then because I saw Macau science art center seems so near, so I decided to take a walk there. Then I reached my destination... and wahhhh~~ I saw Macau Tower...took a walk to Statue of Kun Lam & Ecumenical Centre, Macau Tower seemed so near... Then I decided to take a taxi or bus (but unlucky, no Bus Stop T^T ) then forced by the condition to take a walk to Macau Tower. Yehey Reached there!!!!....Rest for awhile at the back side of Macau Tower. Energy of feet was 5%

- Continued to Ruins of St. Paul by BUS (FINALLLYYYYYYY). But when reached to the bus stop, need to walked again T^T  (decided to buy the McD french fries for snack), walked walked walked around Senardo Square...till I saw an old front part of a church... Energy raised up to 99%... 
Walked down again and visited the Koh Kei bakery... Bought many snacks~~~ but too bad, I couldn't taste the Macau egg tart (T^T)

- Saw the map to Venetian, and walked down near Grand Lisboa. I saw it was really near by the Grand Lisboa... But where? (@___@). 
Asked the stranger.. He said to take a bus and I would find 18 stops to Venetian...I thought it was ridiculous to take a bus for a near place. Then, I decided to go to the Macau Terminal and asked a policeman for how to go there. Inside the bus, I saw the map again, and I checked the picture at first arrival at Macau. Then I found something stupid of me. (X___X)

I reached at TAIPA TERMINAL, not MACAU TERMINAL. VENETIAN is in TAIPA area, not MACAU area..... Errr.... then after I reached to Macau Terminal (which was wrong)... Rushed again to take the bus to TAIPA Terminal.... Finally I could go back to hostel again. 


Day 4

- Ate fried noodles (not instant cup), steamed bread, tried a small pie tart (because I couldn't taste the Macau egg Tart)
- Check out, went to Sham Shui Po to have lunch and saw around~~ you can find silicone cases for your mobile phone, plus you can find cheap fashionable clothes T^T , but I couldn't buy anything due to overload baggage....
FYI: you can find fashionable clothes which cheap price in Sham Shui Po and Lai Chi Kok...

- Went to airport and ready to get back to Singapore.

If you go back to Jakarta, means you will have transit time again.
If you have more than 6 hours transit, you can join the Free Singapore City Tour just takes almost 2 hours. Or you can visit: Sentosa Island, Merlion Park, Marina Bay Sands 

-----End of Journey-----


  1. Hello Zhang Xiao Fen,

    Greetings from Thailand. I've come across your blog while I googled for Hong Kong accommodation review. This is really helpful to me. Thanks indeed.

    I'm planning to book a room at City Econo guest house. Also I'd like to have some questions to you as this is my first time in Hong Kong. Appreciate if you could help answer.

    From the airport to the guest house including check in time, how long did it take you? And how did you go from your guest house to Avenue of stars?

    Because I plan to go to see symphony of light there at 8pm in the first day of arrival. However I'm not quite sure whether my flight schedule (arrive at 5:40pm) will allow me to make it or not.

    Really thanks for your blog post again. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Happy new year!

    1. hi z4nukre, sorry for the super late reply. I dont know if you already go there or not. let me just answer it. The estimate time is about 60 mins and.. I went there by walking around 20 mins. I think u can see the symphony of light according to ur arrival time.

      happy travelling and happy new year too

  2. Hi there Zhang Xiao Fen! This blog of yours was really great and very helpful especially for people who are planning to take a tour at Hong Kong and Macau. This coming May, ,my family and I will be going to Macau for a 3D/2N tour and also planning to cross Hong Kong.

    I just have one thing to clarify, which terminal should we take a ferry boat going to Hong Kong from Macau? Is it the TAIPA Terminal or the MACAU Terminal?

    Thanks in advance and hope you could answer my query.

    1. Hi @Jhon Flores, thank you for reading my blog! You can use both terminal to go from Hongkong to Macau, TAIPA and MACAU Terminal :)

  3. Heelo, how much is your budget for 4 days 3 nights in HK? =) Thank you.

    1. Hi @Veronica, my budget was around 2500 HKD for my itinerary ^^


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