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Australia Major Cities: Melbourne (Part 1)

I'm back back back after a long time, quite busy with my schedule and "traveling" (HAHA!) I have been traveling to several cities, but I've never had a chance to share it here. Then my best friend asked me about how my trip was and she asked me to tell the whole story. Suddenly, I realized why not I return back to blog and share it.
My trip this time was in PEAK season in my country. It's called "Hari Raya" holiday and everything related to travel overseas could be categorized as expensive or above the normal rate.
I won't share you about budget but would share you about the journey~ the trip~ the itinerary~ the situation~ My laziness~ Around the city, even though I had limited time~
What you need to prepare (as Indonesian), before you go to Kangaroo/cute Koala/too many Garden country, Australia. First, of course you need a visa!Don't forget to make a tourist visa before you travel or buy the ticket. The process won't take long, just like thousand…