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International Classic Car Show 2010

4th Int'L Classic Car Show 2010 @ Balai Kartini

The Biggest and The Largest Classic Car Show in Indonesia
( Otoblitz Classic)

December 23- 26, 2010
Kartika Expo Center Balai Kartini - Jakarta


- American Classic All Stars
- British Sports Car
- Germany Sports Car
- Italian Sports Car
- French Classic Car
- Italian Exotic Car
- There's Only One Jeep
- Old Pick up Never Die
- Amazing FJ
- Classic Porsche
- Classic Hot Rod Show Off
- Past and Future Classic
- Road to 100th Years of Chevrolet
- Passion For Perfection
- etc

Jinjo Crew, Oct 17th,2010
This is the video of Jinjo Crew Show in Jakarta. Jinjo Crew is the famous b-boy team in South Korea and they are the winner of the Battle of the Year in 2010.

bad quality video because i was using cellphone to take it. =( Part 1 still in process because i was taking it using my digital camera. Happy ^^ because i could see Jinjo Crew and "Jump" martial arts performance LIVE without tickets. LOL

Tea Time

I just drink the Korean Heaven Ginseng Tea. Hmm, smells good!! I like to drink it, because it has good effects. One of them is to add more energy in your body. ^^

Sushi time

sushi groove @Taman Anggrek Mall