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Fireworks - Cover by Claudia, Debora, Xiaofen

Waterworld show at Universal Studios of Singapore

I took this video in July 28th, 2011. It was a cool show! A must watch show at USS.

The Rockafellas at Universal Studios Singapore

July 28th, 2011
A trip to Singapore, brought me to see the cool streetdancer. They are really cool~ Enjoy and thx for watching :)

Singapore Trip

I just went back from Singapore for 6 days and 5 nights with my friends. It was really fun there :D 

First day, I reached Singapore at night time, so I went to the hostel to check in, then enjoyed the scenery at Clarke Quay (we ordered snack too).

Second day, My friends and I went to the USS ( Universal Studio of Singapore), we played full day, from morning till night. We tried almost all but we missed the chance to ride "rapid adventure" although we alr bought the raincoat :( , but anyways we tried the mummy twice and battlestar galactica (human and cyclon) . Those are really extreme rollercoasters. :D actually I have phobia of high places, but that time, I didn't feel so scared, coz maybe I squeezed my friends's hand. :D  oh after I rode 4 times in a row, i got really bad headache (-_____-") 

Games that I tried:
1. Shrek 4D, 
2. Enchanted airways (mini coaster), 
3. Canopy Flyer
4. Revenge of the Mummy - a little bit headache
5. Battlestar Galactica: Human - headache

Kang Min Hyuk - CN blue (drummer)

He is so cute :) Love his style and hair XD

Just Be Yourself lyrics - original song (Zhang Xiao Fen)

Just Be Yourself

Verse 1:
One day you told me about your problem

Problem bout what people think of you

And that things, make you confused

Then you ask me what you should do

And I said


Just be youself

Don't care what people said to you

You are just who you are

Be strong

Don't get confused

Coz I'm here for you

Verse 2:
A lot of things happen in your life

And that make you confused

What option that you should choose

Then you ask me what you should choose

And I said

Back to *reff*

Coz I'm here for you 2x

Little Bit-More Amor Chords

-Adjusted with my voice and simple chords-

C            G7
Do I say a little bit?
Am                      G7
hey i'm a little bit, i'd fall into you C              G7
on my face a little bit Am
stay just a little bit G7
i'll be it for you C           G7                                 Am            G7
as I say a little bit, i'm alive just a little bit...more
Chorus: C               G7                          F
In due time i'll follow where you go  G7                  Am
until then I oblige
   G7               F      G7 please go do everything
C                               G7                      Am when you feel like the world has become too small
G7         F           G7                 F            G7 may i remind, i'm right back where we were
C             G7 Do I say a little bit?
Am                  G7 hey i'm a little bit, i'd fall into you
C              G7 on my face a little bit
  Am stay just a little bit
G7  i will prove to you
 F       G7 (whatever that might d…