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2014 Seoul Kimchi Making & Sharing Festival

2014 Seoul Kimchi Making & Sharing Festival My No.1 Poster: Made by 192 Global Seoul-Mates

Second mission from Global Seoul-Mates. I made a poster related to the Seoul Kimchi Making and Sharing Festival 2014. The photo that I used originally taken from The reason I used that photo because it represents the main activity about the Festival and it shows that a lot of people joined as the participants of Kimchi Sharing and Making Festival. I think people will be able to understand about the Festival. After that, they will see the location, date and time clearly because it shows right after the photo.



Information (Origin source: Kimjang is a traditional Korean event where kimchi is made and shared. Listed as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, it is a unique part of Korean food culture.

Kimjang is the process of preparing and preserving large amounts of kimchi to last through the winter. Kimchi is a spicy vegetable dish mad…