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Bangkok Low Budget Short Trip!


Here I am again! I just went back from short trip in Bangkok last Sept 8th, 2015.

in this short trip vacation, I used AirAsia for my low budget airlines.
I bought the ticket few months ago with the best price I could get, around IDR 1500,000++ return way from Jakarta to Don Muaeng.

I want to share the tips to travel in Bangkok if you are a budget traveller or if you want to use public transportation as much as you could. Don't be afraid to get lost because it will give you the exciting experience when you return back to your country.

I reached to Don Muaeng Airport in the afternoon. After I went to immigration, I went downstairs and walked straight away out. after that I took to left side (read the Bus Signage). It's pretty easy to find the gate to go out from the terminal. I used Bus A1 (just right in front of the gate), you will need to pay 30 Bath/ 1 way. You can stop in Mo Chit if you plan to take MRT or BTS to your staying place (the person will let you know when you have reached to mo Chit). I was heading to Ratchaparop area. So I'd rather use a BTS rather than taxi. If you travel up to 4 people, you can use taxi because it would be not too much difference with your trip using BTS/MRT.

In Don Muaeng, there is no direct airport rail link that connects the airport to the city. It's different with Suvarnabhumi airport. If you go alone or 2 people, if you like to save up, then I suggest you to follow my guide at least until you find BTS/MRT in Mo Chit.

To go to Ratchaparop, I need to use BTS. So after I went down in Mo Chit. I walked straight and you would find BTS. Just go up there and prepare coins or they will have the exchange money from papers to coins.

How do you buy BTS ticket?
1. To buy the BTS ticket, change the money to coins.
2. Go to Ticket Machine, look at the destination that you want and see the number of your destination (in this case i would go to Phaya Thai BTS)
3. Press the number that you have seen in the information nearby ticket machine.
4. When the yellow light is on, put the coins as what it said on the machine. Don't worry, the machine will automatically give you the change. When you pay enough, the ticket will come out and the change will go out too if you have any.

After you bought the ticket, just go to the entrance gate... put your ticket and then it will automatically come out from the machine, take it and walk through the gate.
Keep your ticket because you need to put the ticket at the exit gate when you reach to your destination.

Then you need to see carefully in the back of your ticket. It is written all the BTS route, so you will know how many stations you will go through.

Then I reached at Phaya Thai BTS. In Phaya Thai, there is a connection to airport rail link. So I need to walk to the Airport rail link for 1 stop station. (no need to go out from the building). Buy the airport rail link in the machine. Don't forget to press English as your language to guide you to buy the ticket. Press the destination, put the money, and Ta-daa... you have your Coin (usually red or yellow colour). Just tap the coin at the entrance gate. keep that coin to put it at the exit gate.

After I reached Ratchaparop, I went down and crossed the road and walked 3-5 mins to my hotel. 
Check-in and then time to explore! I walked around the road and passed Pratunam Market and Platinum Mall. I ate at the street for Pad Thai! it was 40 bath. and then i used Petchaburi BTS to go to Asiatique (opens 17:00-24:00).

Asiatique at night time

Asiatique: Take BTS and get off at Saphan Taksin exit 2. Go down and turn left and you need to take Free Shuttle boat to Asiatique!!! Free!!! no need to pay~

What you can find in Asiatique is snack to bring back for your family! the price it's cheap compare to other stores. Then after i took photos and bought snacks, i returned back to Pratunam Area. You could find cheap clothes there.. but it's a wholesale price, so if you buy only 1 clothe, they will give you a higher price. but don't worry it's not too much different!

The next day I went for Wat Arun (Saphan Taksin exit 2, but buy the ticket in the official booth. 1 way is 40 Bath, all day pass is 150 Bath). heading to Tien Pier N8. Get off and then you need to pay 3 bath per person per way to cross the river by boat.

A view from Pier in Saphan Taksin

the boat to cross to Wat Arun (3 Bath)

After I took photos in Wat Arun which still hasn't finished for the reconstruction. I went back to the N8 Pier (pay 3 bath again) and then walked straight to Wat Pho. Ah! don't forget to try the coconut ice cream in the hot day. To enter Wat Pho, you need to pay 100 Bath and they will give you entrance ticket with the free 1 bottle of mineral water coupon that you can exchange it at the back after you enter the Temple.

Pad Thai

Coconut Ice Cream

inside Wat Pho

in Wat pho, use the proper clothes. When you enter the building, don't forget to try your luck.. by 20 bath, they will give you 1 pot of coins. and you need to put the coin 1 by 1 to the pots over there. It is said that if the coins that you enter exactly the same with the pots number, you are the lucky person! When you go to Bangkok, make sure you taste the mango sticky rice~

Mango Sticky Rice

It was a hot day (make sure you bring an umbrella or cap or hat, put sunblock too)! so I decided to go back and visited Platinum Mall with air-con~ phewwww~~~ air-con!! ah~ and inside Platinum it is a big shopping mall and the price is cheap~ it's a heaven for shopaholic girls lol.

After that I visited Indra square and Pratunam Market! get the streets food there to fulfill your stomach! Surely you will find another tempting to shop! SHOP until you DROP!

if you buy a lot of things, just use taxi to go back to airport. from ratchaparop estimate cost is around 160-180 bath without traffic jam and use the meter.

These are other destinations!

How to go to:
1. Siam: stop at Siam Station exit 1 (Siam Discovery and Siam Center), exit 3 (Siam paragon), exit 5 (Siam Ocean World)

2. MBK: stop at National Stadium W1 exit 4

3. Central World: stop at Chit Lom Station exit 9

4. Patpong: Silom Line exit 1. straight ahead to Soi Patpong on the right

5. Chocolate Ville: A MUST VISIT!!
a. Stop at On Nuts BTS, use taxi to 351 Khan Na Yao 

b. or walk around 30 mins; go straight pass Amway and Wells Int'l School, take U-turn, Go straight until Tesco Lotus, take left near tesco parking lot onto sukhumvit 50. then straight. Turn right to Ram inthra ramp before white apartment building.

Feel free to ask me in English or Indonesian language!


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