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Dear mom...

Dear mum,

u never know that i'm happy outside but i'm feeling stressful inside,
day by day things are more complicated than before, and i hate that i have to tell u about that.
i dont agree with that, and will never agree with that.

just letting u know...
i said i dont care and i dont wanna know about that, but the truth is I  CARE, :(

so today im so sorry about what i've done at car. but i was about to cry when i was saying that :(
and i was about to say something about myself, but i think God still not yet give me the right time to let u know. i know this thing wont make u happy either, but just make u feel more sad.

but someday im gonna find the right time to say all about this stuff :) . i dont know what ur reaction will be. but i just want to let u know, and i will feel accomplished after i tell u.

my life is so complicated mum but I'm happy that i have u and 2 little brothers. i want us to be together always and all the time. I always pray for u and them :)

July …